Sherrill Miller uses symbolic, artistic, psychological and spiritual concepts to assist others in discovering deeper ways of understanding their lives. Working with the mystical images portrayed by her husband, renowned Canadian photographer Courtney Milne, she guides participants to move from knowledge to wisdom, using an “inner landscapes” process evolved through years of creative exploration and photography of sacred places around the world.

Sherrill Miller also offers a multi-media presentation called The Gift of Change, A Celebration of Life and Possibility, based on her personal journey to create a life full of texture, grace, and enchantment.

Philosopher John O’Donohue spoke about reclaiming our “relentless originality”... and how this is both a privilege, and a burden.

Poet David Whyte suggests we “turn sideways into the light”, to cross the threshold into the bigger conversation of our life ~ the mysterious and compelling one ~ where we remember all the possibilities.

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